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We are a quarterly print magazine, created to inspire and connect the contemporary fiber arts and textiles community. You can subscribe online or find single copies in over 300 Barnes & Noble stores and 200 Books A Million stores in the US. We’re also appearing at select Chapters stores in Canada. Each issue includes feature articles and editorial content that seeks to inspire, connect, and inform fiber artists, enthusiasts, educators, learners, arts professionals, and collectors.

We feature the most compelling work, ideas, and craftsmanship in the world of contemporary fiber arts and textiles. Fiber Art Now is a vibrant and growing community. We invite you to join us. Click here to learn how to subscribe. 

The roots of Fiber Art Now lie in the online magazine, Valley Fiber Life (www.valleyfiberlife.com), which was started by Marcia Young in March of 2009. It began as a simple blog, created to post pictures from a local quilt show. From the beginning, it enjoyed steady growth each month, as we posted stories and sent out newsletters to this amazing community.

According to Marcia, “Very quickly, I realized that there were many fiber arts-related areas that I was compelled to learn about – imagine being able to contact fiber artists and fiber-related organizations such as alpaca farms, felting suppliers,

Advertising Director, Kathy Velis Turan, and Circulation Director, Peter Walsh

Advertising Director, Kathy Velis Turan, and Circulation Director, Peter Walsh

authors, and artists, engage them, learn from them, and then tell all your friends about it. That is really what I felt I was doing, each time I wrote a story, posted a new resource or sent out a newsletter. As time marched on, many contributors jumped in; their ideas, stories and art gave Valley Fiber Life a new dimension.”

The online magazine eventually outgrew its web presence, and the fiber arts community seemed  hungry for a print magazine that could offer the community much more inspiration, connection, and support than a web site could. Thus, Fiber Art Now was launched in Fall of 2011.

Editor, Marcia Young, and Online Manager and Content Developer, Cami Smith

Editor, Marcia Young, and Online Manager and Content Developer, Cami Smith

Each member of the Fiber Art Now team is committed to our mission of inspiring and connecting the fiber arts community, driven by their love of fiber arts, design, and publishing. The release of each issue marks a new standard for our growth as a publication and an organization, as we roll out more features and new ideas to our readers.

Thank you for being part of this community. You are the driver behind the decisions we make at Fiber Art Now.  Your thoughts and opinions shape the direction of each issue, and help to refine the information, ideas, artists, and trends that we feature. 


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